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History of the British

A meow, massages the heart (Stuart McMillan)

What about this breed? Just fantastic.
Big cats from the fixed and quiet behaviour, very suited to apartment life.

Shortly prone to suffer from loneliness there may even be alone in the house for hours.
Their tranquility character in fact leads them to sleep a lot and do not have destructive stimuli.
If you leave to go to work will find them they have not done anything except wander around a bit ‘home but especially for lounging and sleep for hours!

In addition to their appearance consists of a short and thick like a stuffed animal, to keep soft and round cheeks and a very robust structure, the British have a character of gold, are easily integrated with dogs or cats that have a similar temperament to them, and more importantly they can safely stay with the children.

They love to be pampered and in fact they do not scratch and bite never even out of anger or fear.
If you just can not do it anymore ‘rather than to hurt a child is hidden in some place where he can be a bit’ in peace.
Our Biancarosa indulges in caresses with his paws on our face and never pulls out the nails.

Follow the master as dogs from one room to another without ever being intrusive, there may even be playing for a long time alone remaining very discreet.
The British adapt very well to changes and travel ’cause are related more to the owners of the house so that a trip is an opportunity or a change in more’ to explore new horizons.

These cats “teddy bears” do not require special care or attention just brush them every so often and keep under control the food because they tend to eat anything and therefore to be subject to obesity.

Do you think that this breed has become one of the favorite animal trainers due to their unique nature and their intelligence, in fact, in recent years these cats have appeared in many Hollywood films and in many television commercials as they learn quickly and learn small tricks spontaneously .